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CMS – is stands for content management system, basically this is the type of software which sustain all type of data which can stored in a computer system such as photos, Text document, Music and video files and is made available on your website. This is a web application to provides some feature to a groups or company or groups of users. It work as a maintainer, Editing Roles, Workflow, It modify the content also. If you are trying to create the websites on WordPress, then you have to be a good knowledge about HTML and CSS, Otherwise you are not be able to use the wordpress and creating the websites. HTML and CSS is the backbone of wordpress because that is the base of wordpress and this is too important, that is the base.
Content Management System : A websites is a communication media to enable a company communication with customer. The content management services ensure a communication is alive using the resources to provides updating in websites.
By the end of this Training which is provided by us , you will be able developed a full CMS which can be used to create a large variety of different site designs and capabilities. PHP and jQuery are two of the most famous open source frameworks used for web development.

PHP With CMS Training Syllabus :


Drupal is one of the most Content Management Systems on the Internet. Through the Drupal, You can create all sorts of websites – from small personal ones to big corporate portals. It’s up to you and your’s needs – Drupal can handle it all.


Joomla is an open source Content Management System, which we can used to build a websites and online applications. It is free and extendable which is separated into front-end templates and back-end templates.


WordPress is by far the most popular content management system on the internet today with a 66% market share and is currently being used to power 23.3% of all websites online.
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