Advanced PHP Training in Indore

This course provides the necessary knowledge to design and develop dynamic, data – driven & interactive web pages using PHP. It introduces students to PHP framework and syntax, most important techniques used to build dynamic web sites and perform hands on practice with a MySQL database to create database – driven HTML forms. It is interspersed with step – by – step exercises illustrating the concepts as they are explained. The first thing that was unique about the PHP community is that every event which has an open CFP (e.g. not a local community day, hackathon, etc.) will reimburse at least some travel and lodging costs.
Just like the programming languages that are the centers of our communities, each community has its own set of rules and idioms — they have a real life syntax.

PHP training Indore having PHP Courses, Zend Framework Courses, and Zend Product Courses are taught online with a live expert instructor which are scheduled in advance. Classes can also be taught onsite or in a classroom setting.The PHP training Indore trains the students on Advance PHP. PHP training Indore Having a many years of experience in developing and deploying hundreds of projects using PHP.

Advanced PHP Syllabus

  • Database Connectivity with MySql
  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  • AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • Jquery
  • WordPress Administrator Level
  • Introduction to OOPS
  • Mini Project

Benefits of Advanced PHP

  • Cost effective
  • Easy Availability
  • Most Effective and Advanced
  • User Friendly
  • Best PHP solutions
  • PHP compared to Cold Fusion